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Wolfenstein: The New Order Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Wolfenstein: The New Order
  • Game Description: It’s the 1960s… but not as we know them. In this alternate history, the Nazis won World War II and are more powerful and twisted than ever before. Step into the shoes of B.J. Blazkowicz and fight back. A new health system, semi-destructible environments, dual-wielding, and more promise to make this single-player shooter an explosive quest for justice.

Gold Collectibles cheat for Wolfenstein: The New Order on Xbox 360

There are Gold collectibles throughout the levels for you to find.

Chapter 1 Gold Items

Gold Item 1 – After you blow up the door, make your way along the tracks to the stairs, but don’t go up them. There is a vent that you can crawl through to reach a room where a gold coin sits on a table.
Gold Item 2 – At the balcony where the artillery gun is mounted, go left and up the stairs. Enter the first door on your left. Go up the next set of stairs. There is a door to the left of a mounted machine gone. Go through it and down the hall. Stop when you reach a covered crate and crouch. A gold goblet is beneath the cloth covering the crate.
Gold Item 3 – Go to the castle’s main hall and enter the dining room. A gold chalice is on the other side of the table.
Gold Item 4 – In the room with the spiral staircase, go to the right of the general’s portrait to take a gold sword from a statue.
Gold Item 5 – There is a hallway on the way to the courtyard where several crates and barrels are piled. The crate nearest the wall contains a gold trophy.

Chapter 2 Gold Items

Gold Item 6 – A gold swastika hood ornament is under the front bumper of the convertible in the courtyard.

Chapter 3 Gold Items

Gold Item 7 – During the hostage section with Keller, take the gold pocket watch lying on the table with the torture equipment.
Gold Item 8 – Once you’re outside, go left. Keep going past the first building. You will reach an office, with a gold egg in a hole by the right exterior wall.
Gold Item 9 – As you make your way to the car later in the chapter, climb the ladder to get the mounted gun. With the gun in hand, shoot the crate to the right of the ladder to unblock your way inside. Head through the new opening and turn right. A gold medallion sits near the bookshelf, on a table.
Gold Item 10 – Make your way to the east in the train until you pass the guard. Go left to find a gold door knob on a closet door.

Chapter 4 Gold Items

Gold Item 11 – From the balcony, cross the ledge to reach the balcony to the left. Head left, into the building, and then northwest. In the generator room, pick up the laser and battery, and put the battery in the laser to make it operational. Backtrack with them to the staircase, where you can use the laser to cut through a metal fence and grab the gold plate.
Gold Item 12 – Go up the stairs and charge the laser so you can cut the fence blocking the room to your right. Go through, cut through another fence, and enter the next area. There is a gold frame on the other side of the crates.
Gold Item 13 – A gold nugget is hidden in the piles of coal to the left above the area where the robot works through the coal.
Gold Item 14 – Turn right at the central office while escaping. Go up the stairs on the left at the end of the hall, and then head southwest into a hallway. Enter the first room on the right to find a gold helmet in a closet.

Chapter 5 Gold Items

Gold Item 15 – From the pillar with the candles around it, go into the room on the left. Take the crowbar. Exit the room. Head left to the next room, where you can break some boards with the crowbar. Collect the folder and picture on your way down into the hidden area. There, crouch and crawl left through a passage. Go up the two sets of stairs to find a gold urn against the wall.

Chapter 6 Gold Items

Gold Item 16 – Pick up a gold place from beside the statue’s right foot.
Gold Item 17 – Once the rooftop satellite is in view, you should be near a glass case you can smash with your knife to retrieve a gold carafe.
Gold Item 18 – Go up the stairs and enter the room on the right. Open the ceiling vent and enter it. A gold knife is stuck at the end.
Gold Item 19 – On your way to the hangar, enter the laboratory. Find the vent on the other side of the glass walls and cut it open with the laser. Go through it and head right until you reach a ladder to your left. At the top of the ladder, cut through the cover with the laser and emerge to find a gold flask at the far end of the room.

Chapter 7 Gold Items

Gold Item 20 – In the sewer, turn right at the well and drop to a small pipe opening. Follow it to the stairs at the end. A gold ashtray is at the top of the stairs.

Chapter 8 Gold Items

Gold Item 21 – After you knock out the security system and cross through to the next area, turn left to see a man who will give you a gold dagger when you talk to him.
Gold Item 22 – While looking for the battery, head past the “5” dumpster to the left to find a set of beams you can climb to enter the building through an open window. Enter the first room and get the safe combination from the desk drawer. The safe is behind the room’s painting, and it contains a gold pistol.
Gold Item 23 – From there, go down two sets of stairs and pick up the gold bust on the table.
Gold Item 24 – During the mech section, leave the mech and go into the garage. Climb the stairs to your left and pick up a gold mask from an open drawer.

Chapter 9 Gold Items

Gold Item 25 – Enter the open room to talk to Anne and learn about her missing ring. Retrieve it from where it has been lost—the toilet up the stairs beyond the pillar. She’ll give you a gold vase in exchange for the ring.

Chapter 10 Gold Items

Gold Item 26 – During the tunnel glider section, cut the chains with the laser and exit the glider on the other side. Swim through the passage to the left until you reach the surface. Walk until you reach a set of mattresses, with a gold book nearby.
Gold Item 27 – Once you flood the area, take the glider through the doorway. There is a gold ladle below a pipe vent to the right.
Gold Item 28 – Take the glider back to the pipe on the lower left side and head through. Exit the glider at the end and swim to the left to go through a door and find a gold lantern.
Gold Item 29 – From that room, swim to the other side until you find a blocked pipe. There is a golden snake nearby.
Gold Item 30 – When you reach the mines, free the central mine and then swim down to find another one. Free that one as well and then go through the tunnel. Go up the stairs on the left, enter the room behind the closed door, and drop down through the hole. Follow the pipe, climb the ladder, and go through the hatch to find a gold lunula beside a group of crates.

Chapter 11 Gold Items

Gold Item 31 – Head up the stairs in the bomb room and charge your laser if you need to. There are two doors there, and the one you should take depends on which timeline you’re in. The door to the left is for the Furgus timeline and the one across from the charger is for the Wyatt timeline. On the other side of the door, use your laser to cut through the vent. A gold letter opener sits by the radio.
Gold Item 32 – Return to the charging station and continue on until you see a dark room on the right. Go inside to find a gold tray in a drawer on the floor.
Gold Item 33 – When you reach the icy bridge, there is a gold skull to the left. You will have to jump to reach it.
Gold Item 34 – Take the elevator to the vault. There is a small gold robot inside.
Gold Item 35 – The vault also contains a gold chamber pot.

Chapter 12 Gold Items

Gold Item 36 – When you find Enigma Code 55, continue along the right side of the train cabin and jump down to find a gold toy soldier.
Gold Item 37 – Go up the ladder to your left. Then go up the stairs, go to the left, and make your way to the roof through the ceiling access. There is a beam you can cross to the next area, where you will need to cut through a metal fence. On the other side, go left across the crates to find a gold compass.
Gold Item 38 – When you reach the robot cabin ahead of the checkpoint, look behind the final door to find a gold rabbit.

Chapter 13 Gold Items

Gold Item 39 – Follow the lobby’s conveyer belt right into the next room to find a gold cane.
Gold Item 40 – While looking for the space suit, head to the north and go through the decontamination chamber into the round room. There is a gold face mask next to a bed.
Gold Item 41 – While you’re on the moon, head right toward the “5” building and look for the gold meteor beside its right wall.
Gold Item 42 – There is a gold bottle hidden behind the red bag near the base of the escalators.

Chapter 14 Gold Items

Gold Item 43 – Once you enter the building with the rope, shoot the chain through the opening in the wall to your left. Go across the planks, and then turn left across another plank, to find a gold bangle near a drain.
Gold Item 44 – Shoot the chain to your left. This will drop another plank which will lead you to a blue-colored door. Go through and enter the room to the right. There is a blank painting inside. Interact with it to open a new area, in which a gold trophy sits on a shelf.

Chapter 15 Gold Items

Gold Item 45 – Go up the stairs and to the pillar. You previously talked to Anne in one of the rooms. In the room to the right of that one, a gold shoehorn sits on a shelf.

Chapter 16 Gold Items

Gold Item 46 – Dive down to find a gold trowel before you reach the castle.
Gold Item 47 – As you head to the castle cells, look for the gold breastplate on the left side of the room.
Gold Item 48 – In the round room, go down the stairs and into the room to your right. There is a gold teapot on a trolley.
Gold Item 49 – As you fight Deathshead, take a moment to break the crates on your left to find a gold pot.

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Cheat Name: Gold Collectibles

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