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Wolfenstein: The New Order Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Wolfenstein: The New Order
  • Game Description: It’s the 1960s… but not as we know them. In this alternate history, the Nazis won World War II and are more powerful and twisted than ever before. Step into the shoes of B.J. Blazkowicz and fight back. A new health system, semi-destructible environments, dual-wielding, and more promise to make this single-player shooter an explosive quest for justice.

Enigma Codes cheat for Wolfenstein: The New Order on Xbox 360

The enigma codes are hidden throughout the game. They look like pieces of paper, or files.

Chapter 1 Enigma Codes

Enigma Code 1 – Once you cross through the door you blew up, enter the door on your right to enter an area that contains the file.
Enigma Code 2 – Eventually, you’ll come to a balcony area where an artillery gun is set up. From there, go left up the stairs and go through the first door on your right. Pull the three switches in the following order: 1, 3, 2. This will open up the area that contains the file.
Enigma Code 3 – After the robot hound scene, you can find the next file in the area the hound came from.
Enigma Code 4 – In the castle, one room has a ruined floor through which you can see the ground below. Jump down and get the file from a crate to the left.
Enigma Code 5 – There is a spiral staircase in the castle. Interact with the sword held by the statue to the left of the general’s portrait. Go through the newly-opened entrance and up the stairs, and keep going until you reach a vent you can go through. The file is on the table inside.
Enigma Code 6 – At the central area of the castle, head to the right of the machine gun and keep going until you reach a damaged wall. The file should be nearby.
Enigma Code 7 – When you’re searching for the key to unlock the doors, search the rightmost drawer in the north side of the room to get the next file.

Chapter 2 Enigma Codes

Enigma Code 8 – On your way to Anya, stop when you reach the blocked staircase. The file is on the ground.

Chapter 3 Enigma Codes

Enigma Code 9 – Once you’re outside, go left to the broken pipe. Crawl through it and look right to find a file.
Enigma Code 10 – Return outside and pass the building near the pipe, going left. There is an office with sketches hanging on its wall. The file is among them.
Enigma Code 11 – North of the office is a large building. If you go inside and upstairs, you should head left and then cross through the room with the bunks. This will take you to another staircase to your left. Go up those stairs to find the file on a table.
Enigma Code 12 – Once you’re given the objective to lift the platform, head to the stairs to the northwest and climb them. At the top, take the door to your right to find the file.
Enigma Code 13 – When you see the large screen, go south from that room to reach an open locker with the file in it.
Enigma Code 14 – From that same room with the screen, go right to reach the garage, where the file sits on the floor of the passenger side of the car.
Enigma Code 15 – Once you return outside, but before you go to the car, head toward the parked truck and enter the building it’s beside. The file is inside, on a radio.

Chapter 4 Enigma Codes

Enigma Code 16 – Once you get the laser gun, keep going until you reach the office. There are files on the end of the table, but they aren’t the code. Take the code to the open drawer at the end of the room, and put them in their spot. A new area will open up, and the file is in a briefcase inside.
Enigma Code 17 – The next code is on the desk of a posh office with windows.
Enigma Code 18 – When you reach the room with the open vent, crawl through it to trigger a robot chase. Go right, slide beneath the pipes, and use the laser gun to cut through the chains of the hatch on the floor. You’ll fall into a new area. Cut open the fence to your left with the laser, go through, and take the stairs. The file is on the floor at the top.
Enigma Code 19 – The “4 Abteilung” will lead you to a gray hallway. Take the second open door on the left and grab the file from the briefcase at the end of the room.
Enigma Code 20 – During your escape, stop at the office in the center and take the file from the desk.
Enigma Code 21 – Leave the office, go right down the hall, and climb the stairs on the left. Go southwest, down the hallway, and up another set of stairs. An open case contains the file.

Chapter 6 Enigma Codes

Enigma Code 22 – Go northwest along the wall after the statue falls, and you’ll find a pile of rubble that contains both a corpse and the file.
Enigma Code 23 – As you head to the Moon Dome, you’ll encounter a robot that shove you away. Go right to find the file near some rubble.
Enigma Code 24 – When you reach the stairs near the roof with the satellite, stop to get the file from the room to the left of the stairs.
Enigma Code 25 – When you reach the Moon Dome’s control room, pick up the file from the control table.
Enigma Code 26 – Stop at the lab before you reach the hangar, and collect the file from one of the shelves on your right.
Enigma Code 27 – The next file is by the crates in the right helicopter spot in the hangar.
Enigma Code 28 – From there, head up the stairs to your right into a control room and look behind the control boxes to find another file.
Enigma Code 29 – Take the ladder at the far side of the hangar up into a vent that will take you to an office that contains the file.

Chapter 8 Enigma Codes

Enigma Code 30 – Pass through the hatch in the floor, then go upstairs and right, where the file sits on a container.
Enigma Code 31 – When you reach the furnace, take the stairs to your right to reach the catwalk. On the other side of the catwalk, you can go right to reach another room. There is a trolley to your right with the file on it.
Enigma Code 32 – Return to the hall and continue along until you can turn right into another room. Pick up the file from a shelf on the wall.
Enigma Code 33 – Return to the hall and go left. Don’t enter the barred doors, and instead enter the room on your right to grab the file from a desk drawer inside.
Enigma Code 34 – Once you need to find a battery to continue, pass the “5” dumpster going left and climb the wooden beams up to an open window. Go through and take the second door to find the file in a drawer.
Enigma Code 35 – Leave the room, go down the stairs, and head right until you reach the blue closet, which contains the file.
Enigma Code 36 – Leave the closet, go down the stairs, and collect the next file from a trolley.
Enigma Code 37 – From there, go northeast to the garage, where the file sits in a closet.

Chapter 10 Enigma Codes

Enigma Code 38 – This next code will find you piloting a tunnel glider. Cut through the chains with your laser, go through, and then go left. Get out of the glider and go through the passage to your left, near the vent. Swim until you hit the surface and walk to a room full of mattresses. The file is on a table to their right.
Enigma Code 39 – Before you flood the area for the second time, go left of the controls and jump in the water. Swim right to the door and go up the ladder on the other side to find the file on a crate.
Enigma Code 40 – When you reach the mines, cut the one in the center free. Take the stairs to your left to find another file on a crate.
Enigma Code 41 – Leave that area and swim down until you find another mine. Cut it free, and go through the new tunnel. Go left up the stairs and pick up the file from a shelf.
Enigma Code 42 – Open the door to a room with a hole in the floor. Jump down, go through the pipe, climb up the ladder, and grab the file from a shelf.
Enigma Code 43 – Follow the left section of train tracks to the stairs. Crouch and crawl beneath them to find another file.
Enigma Code 44 – Go up the stairs to the tower. Follow the left-hand path to the door and pick up the file from the shelf in the room beyond.
Enigma Code 45 – Open the gate with the switch and go inside. Go upstairs and to the left. Cross the catwalk and pass through the first door on your left to find the file by the controls.

Chapter 11 Enigma Codes

Enigma Code 46 – Head up the stairs in the bomb room and charge your laser if you need to. There are two doors there, and the one you should take depends on which timeline you’re in. The door to the left is for the Furgus timeline and the one across from the charger is for the Wyatt timeline. On the other side of the door, use your laser to cut through the vent. Go through and pick up the file from the bed.
Enigma Code 47 – Return to the charger and go on until you reach a room with red lights. There is a file on a shelf beside the lockers.
Enigma Code 48 – Outside of that room, head right and then take the door on the left. There is a drawer on the ground with the file on it.
Enigma Code 49 – While trying to raise the buoys, go up the stairs to your left in the computer room and grab the file from beside the controls.
Enigma Code 50 – Return downstairs and proceed through the doors ahead. There is a room to your left in which the file sits on a table.

Chapter 12 Enigma Codes

Enigma Code 51 – Take the ladder into the train. Climb out when you reach the last cabin, and go right. You’ll see a dead man with a closed briefcase chained to his arm. Cut the chain. When the briefcase drops, it will open and you can take the file from inside.
Enigma Code 52 – Jump to the cabin down below and cross the broken bridge. Keep going until you reach a door to your left. Go inside and up the stairs to find a file on the floor.
Enigma Code 53 – Go to the edge and jump onto the lower car by the bridge again, and enter it. Make your way to the end, crouch, and crawl left to reach a file.
Enigma Code 54 – Turn around and crawl to the right to reach another file.
Enigma Code 55 – In the cabin to your left, you can climb up a beam. Once you’re in the next area, pick up the file from the left section of seats.
Enigma Code 56 – Before the checkpoint, you’ll pass a robot cabin. Go right to higher ground and climb onto the roof to reach the beams that will take you to the file.
Enigma Code 57 – Go to the bridge and up the stairs when you see the “2B” room. Go left and then drop down toward the machine gun. There is a vent you can cut open and pass through to reach a room with some crates. Break the crates to get the file.
Enigma Code 58 – This file is in the safe in the office to the right of cabin 6.

Chapter 13 Enigma Codes

Enigma Code 59 – As you look for the space suit, you’ll enter a room where a person lies on a bunk bed. There is a file in the bathroom.
Enigma Code 60 – In the northern section of the building, enter the large room on the left to get the file from atop a table.
Enigma Code 61 – There is a decontamination room nearby. Pass through it into the round room, and go upstairs. Enter the lab and enter the vent along the left wall. From there, you can drop into a new area and enter another room. Look left to find the file on a desk.
Enigma Code 62 – Once you’re required to find the keycode, there is an office to the left with the file on a desk.
Enigma Code 63 – The next file is in the domed building, up with the machines.
Enigma Code 64 – Once you leave that area, go north to a room that has the file on a circular table.

Chapter 14 Enigma Codes

Enigma Code 65 – After the rope sequence, the file is on a nearby bench.
Enigma Code 66 – Shoot the chain through the opening in the wall to your left. This will drop the planks for you. Cross them, and then shoot another chain to the left. This will drop another plank which will lead you to a blue-colored door. Go through and enter the room to the right to find the file.
Enigma Code 67 – Search the rubble to your left for another file as you battle the helicopter.
Enigma Code 68 – Once you defeat three enemies, you should see a cloth marked “Heimat.” The file is next to it.
Enigma Code 69 – Head the other way to the partially-destroyed building. From the area beside the yellow pipe, you can drop from the left to reach another area, where the file waits in a drawer to the left.

Chapter 16 Enigma Codes

Enigma Code 70 – As you head toward the castle cells, make a stop to retrieve the file from a drawer in the room to your right.
Enigma Code 71 – In the circular room, go down the stairs. Take the first door on the right and then the door near the trolley. The file is sitting on a bench.
Enigma Code 72 – Go to the medical laboratory and take the file from beside the X-ray on the wall.

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Cheat Name: Enigma Codes

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