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Two Worlds Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Two Worlds
  • Game Description: Developed by Reality Pump and published by SouthPeak Interactive for the Xbox 360 platform, Two Worlds is a computer role-playing game. It is up to you which role you pick up whether of a savior or that of a destroyer. The game play takes place in a real-time three-dimensional fantasy landscape. Antaloor is the name by which you know the world in Two Worlds. You travel through the Antaloor encountering new teleports, villages, caves and other locations where you can overthrow kings, sack cities or eradicate entire organizations depending upon your action.

Online Sword Glitch cheat for Two Worlds on Xbox 360

Start a game on Komorin, go directly straight into town until you see a guy that's a trainer in a light green armor.
His name is usually Drof Skelbur.
Kill him and take all his stuff, especially his sword Anathros. End the game, and repeat the steps.
Combine the armor and swords until desired class.

Game Name: Two Worlds

Cheat Name: Online Sword Glitch

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