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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Game Description: In this sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man and a companion story to the film, take on the role of Spider-Man as you confront the evil in New York City. With web-slinging and web-shooting abilities, you’ll be able to explore the city and take down new villains, while earning a reputation through the new “Hero or Menace” system. Investigate from a citizen’s perspective when you take off the mask and assume the role of Peter Parker, and use all of the new abilities and upgrades at your disposal to save the day.

Lover Achievement - Journal Locations cheat for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Xbox 360

Ten journals about Black Cat are hidden throughout the levels. Search the locations described below to find them all and get the “Lover” achievement.

No One Is Safe!
Journal 1 – Search the balcony that faces the stage.
Journal 2 – To the right of the stage, there is a set of double-doors. Head through them and search the area to your right in the maintenance hall.
Journal 3 – After you save the hostages, you’ll pass several pieces of the set. Search the wooden staircase backdrop.
Claws of the Cat!
Journal 4 – At the bottom of the stairs in the Mammoth Exhibit, go to the left and search behind the blue-green background.
Journal 5 – In the room behind the mammoth, a journal is hidden within the dinosaur egg display.
Free Roam
Journal 6 – In Times Square, there is a sign that says “Le Venin.” The journal is above it.
Journal 7 – Northeast of Times Square, across the rooftops, there is a tall, blue tower. Search the landings.
Journal 8 – Northeast of Times Square, along the main road, you’ll find a building with two tunnels. Go through the building to find the journal.
Journal 9 – Search behind the shrubs and benches in the park in the northeast area of the city.
Journal 10 – The final journal is hidden in the furthest alleys in the southwest area of the city.

Game Name: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Cheat Name: Lover Achievement - Journal Locations

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