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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • Game Description: In this sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man and a companion story to the film, take on the role of Spider-Man as you confront the evil in New York City. With web-slinging and web-shooting abilities, you’ll be able to explore the city and take down new villains, while earning a reputation through the new “Hero or Menace” system. Investigate from a citizen’s perspective when you take off the mask and assume the role of Peter Parker, and use all of the new abilities and upgrades at your disposal to save the day.

Audio Log Locations cheat for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Xbox 360

Several audio logs are hidden throughout the levels. Search the locations described below to find them all.

Raid on Oscorp
Log 1 – In the room where you save the hostage scientists, search the desk to their left.
Log 2 – Search the area to the right of the hostage scientists to find a hallway. Follow it to the end and look in the corner.
Log 3 – When you reach the storage room where the glowing generator is, head to the right of the boxes, where you’ll find a fan. Use your web-shoot attack on it, and then head on through and search around the pipes.
Into the Lion’s Den!
Log 4 – Once you pass the first guard in the subway, head right. You’ll see a guard with a flashlight. Take him out, and then go to the back corner of the room to find the log on top of a crate.
No One Is Safe!
Log 5 – While you’re Peter Parker, head to the balcony above the stage and search behind the pillars.
Log 6 – There is a door to the left of the stage. Search it for the log.
Log 7 – To the right of the stage, there is a set of double-doors. Head through them and search the area to your right.
Log 8 – Between the time when you save the hostages and when you reach the marble staircase set, you’ll pass the next log resting on top of a different piece of the set.
Log 9 – Once you reach the marble staircase set, climb up them to reach the scaffolding above. The log is on the right side.
Log 10 – Enter the shipping yard and find the pair of trucks parked just beyond the surrounding fence. The log is behind the one truck’s cab.
Claws of the Cat!
Log 11 – From the stairs in the Wooly Mammoth exhibit room, go left and find the exhibit with the green background. Search behind it to find the log.
Log 12 – Head into the room behind the Mammoth exhibit and search the large glass case.
My Ally, My Enemy!
Log 13 – The log is next to Harry. Take it before you talk to him.
Log 14 – Search the desk beside the piano in the study.
The Kingpin of Crime!
Log 15 – Head up the ramps in the ruined building. When you reach a gap in the right wall, go through and make your way to the right. The log is on the ground.
Log 16 – Return to that ramp and go left. Search the rubble on the platform below.
Log 17 – In the hallway with the shipping containers, go outside and make your way across the tower until you reach a truck. The log is on its hood.
Log 18 – When you enter the underground vault, collect the log from the desk.
Maximum Carnage!
Log 19 – Find the opening in the electrified cage and jump inside to get the log.

Game Name: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Cheat Name: Audio Log Locations

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