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The Amazing Spider-Man Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Game Description: Manhattan is your playground in this adventure, based on the motion picture Amazing Spider-man. Set shortly after the events of the movie, roam freely and perform web-slinging acrobatics throughout the city and experience exceptional improvements in navigation and combat as the newly anointed Spider-Man as you are cast into a brand new storyline with the mission of protecting the city of Manhattan from a plethora of criminal characters. The cinematic game features a new mechanic called Web Rush, where players are able to pull off an array of new actions.

Secret Achievements cheat for The Amazing Spider-Man on Xbox 360

Pest Control - 20 gamerpoints - Defeated Scorpion in the city.
Speed Bump Ahead - 20 gamerpoints - Defeated Rhino in the city.
Welcome Back, Friend - 30 gamerpoints - Defeated Lizard.
Deeply Sorry - 20 gamerpoints - Defeated Nattie.
Smell You Later - 20 gamerpoints - Defeated Vermin.
Jinxed - 20 gamerpoints - Defeated Felicia.
Tail? You Lose - 20 gamerpoints - Defeated Scorpion in quarantine.
Down for the Count - 20 gamerpoints - Defeated Rhino in the sewers.
Switched Off - 25 gamerpoints - Rescued Alistaire Smythe.
Apparent Defeat - 20 gamerpoints - Defeated Iguana.
Tomorrow Is Saved - 30 gamerpoints - Defeated the S-03.
Big Apple, Big Worm - 30 gamerpoints - Defeated the S-02.
Siege Averted - 30 gamerpoints - Defeated the S-01.
Beating the Odds - 30 gamerpoints - Cleared the second fight against the Hunter robots.
Who's the Prey? - 30 gamerpoints - Cleared the first fight against the Hunter robots.

Game Name: The Amazing Spider-Man

Cheat Name: Secret Achievements

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