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The Amazing Spider-Man Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Game Description: Manhattan is your playground in this adventure, based on the motion picture Amazing Spider-man. Set shortly after the events of the movie, roam freely and perform web-slinging acrobatics throughout the city and experience exceptional improvements in navigation and combat as the newly anointed Spider-Man as you are cast into a brand new storyline with the mission of protecting the city of Manhattan from a plethora of criminal characters. The cinematic game features a new mechanic called Web Rush, where players are able to pull off an array of new actions.

Scarlet Spider Suit (2012) cheat for The Amazing Spider-Man on Xbox 360

To get the Scarlet Spider (2012) suit you need to first find the fountain in the middle (or thereabouts) of Central Park.

From there, go north until you get to the middle bridge and which is directly at the center of Central Park.

To the right of the bridge is a Spiderman emblem.

Simply take a picture of the emblem and the suit will be unlocked!

Game Name: The Amazing Spider-Man

Cheat Name: Scarlet Spider Suit (2012)

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