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Super TIME Force Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Super TIME Force
  • Game Description: People have made a lot of dumb mistakes throughout history, and the future has to suffer the consequences. Well, not anymore! In this side-scrolling shooter, you are one of the Temporal Inevitability Manipulation Experts (T.I.M.E.), and it’s up to you to travel through time and change history for the better. What could possibly go wrong?

New Characters cheat for Super TIME Force on Xbox 360

New characters are unlocked as you “save” them.

Cleo – She is found in 199X, and you must catch her.
Dolphin Lundgren – He is found in 9,600 BC. To reach him, you must ride the logs down the waterfall when you reach it, which will carry you to a point where you can jump to the lower right corner. Shoot open the door there, and fight the enemy.
Jef Leppard – He is found in 198X. When you reach him, he’ll be trapped in a cage behind a gate, and a giant robot will try to kill him. You must beat the robot first.
Lou Don Jim – He is found in 3072. Pass through the vent cover and then head down the hallway until you can break a weakened floor. From there, break the two panels in your path to reach him.
Melanie Gibson – She is found in 199X. There is a pit at the bottom of the tower. There, defeat the monsters to save her from her fate.
Merlin – He is found in 673. When the passage widens into a larger area, head down to stop his execution by defeating the execution.
Zackasaurus – He is found in 1,000,000 BC, around the eggs. You must fight the dinosaurs to protect him.
Commander Repeatski – He is unlocked when you start the very last mission.
The Looker – He is unlocked when you beat all of the Looker Time Trials.
Squirty Harry – He is unlocked once you have 50% of the Glorbs.
Stash – He is unlocked once you have 50% of the Glorbs.
Da Vinci – He is unlocked once you have 100% of the Glorbs.
Re-Bot – He is unlocked once you have 100% of the Shards.

Game Name: Super TIME Force

Cheat Name: New Characters

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