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Super TIME Force Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Super TIME Force
Game Description: People have made a lot of dumb mistakes throughout history, and the future has to suffer the consequences. Well, not anymore! In this side-scrolling shooter, you are one of the Temporal Inevitability Manipulation Experts (T.I.M.E.), and it’s up to you to travel through time and change history for the better. What could possibly go wrong?


Achievements cheat for Super TIME Force on Xbox 360

game name:

Super TIME Force

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1,000,000 BC Completed! - 15 gamerpoints - Complete the Prehistoric time zone.
198X Completed! - 15 gamerpoints - Complete the 198X time zone.
3 Birds, 1 Stone - 10 gamerpoints - Kill 3 enemies with a single Charged shot from Aimy McKillin.
9600 BC Completed! - 15 gamerpoints - Complete the Ancient Atlantis time zone.
All of the Glorbs - 20 gamerpoints - Collect all Glorbs in the game.
Asplosion - 10 gamerpoints - Use Jef’s highly explosive rocket launcher to explode 15 enemies on a single level.
Baby’s First Glorb - 10 gamerpoints - Get your first Glorb Badge.
Defence is the New Offence - 15 gamerpoints - Beat any level using only Shieldy Blockerson.
Gotta Save Them All! - 20 gamerpoints - Complete any level without leaving any saveable team members behind.
Head Banger - 10 gamerpoints - Kill any enemy by bouncing on it’s head, plumber-style.
I Challenge You to a Duel - 10 gamerpoints - Complete a Medieval level using only Lou Don Jim.
Impartiality - 10 gamerpoints - Complete any level using at least 6 different members of the Super Time Force.
Infinity - 30 gamerpoints - Defeat Dr. Infinity.
Number One Shard - 10 gamerpoints - Get your first Shard Badge.
OMG You Sharded! - 20 gamerpoints - Shatter or collect all Shards in the game.
Range of Fire - 10 gamerpoints - Fire 7 different charged attacks in a single level.
Something Smells Rank - 20 gamerpoints - Achieve your first STF rank on any level.
Speed Freak - 20 gamerpoints - Complete any level with 30 seconds remaining on the clock.
Talent Scout - 10 gamerpoints - Add a new team member to the Super Time Force.
Team Player - 20 gamerpoints - Prevent the death of 50 members of the Super Time Force.
That Was Quick... - 10 gamerpoints - Die within 3 seconds of spawning.
The Runs - 20 gamerpoints - Complete a... clean... run of any level using only Squirty Harry.
They Are Looking - 10 gamerpoints - This one’s totally a secret but you’ll know it when you see it, so hustle and look sharp.
Whole Lotta Lead - 15 gamerpoints - Fire 5000 rounds with Jean Rambois’ machine gun.
Year 199X Completed! - 15 gamerpoints - Complete the Post-Apocalypse time zone.
Year 3072 Completed! - 15 gamerpoints - Complete the Future City time zone.
Year 673 Completed! - 15 gamerpoints - Complete the Medieval time zone.

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