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Strider Xbox 360 Cheats


Hints and Tips cheat for Strider on Xbox 360

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Hints and Tips


There is no New Game + option, so make sure you’ve explored everywhere and collected everything you intend to before you pass the point of no return. The game will alert you when you reach that point.

When you fight bosses, it’s often better to take some damage while attacking as fast as you can, rather than taking it too slowly.

You can aim your attacks in different directions. This works especially well when you are airborne. Therefore, if an enemy is above you and just a little too far away, jump and slash up to hit them.

Prepare a charge attack whenever you are away from any immediate enemies.

When you are climbing, you can go straight from the walls to the ceiling or from the ceiling to walls. You won’t fall unless you press the button to drop or are hit by an attack.

Apparent dead ends might contain secrets. Climb along the ceiling or slide kick into the wall to check for hidden locations.

Keep an eye on your enemies’ guns. They often light up before they fire, giving you a signal to dodge.

Your slide kick allows you to go through enemies. If you’re trapped by opponents, just slide through them.

If you are in a very fast-paced section, get all of the health containers you see, in case your health has dropped without you noticing.

Once you unlock the catapult ability, it will let you hover in the air for a second. You can use this to your advantage to avoid attacks, especially low attacks like ground-based explosions.

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