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Strider Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Strider
Game Description: Strider Hiryu returns at last in this side-scrolling platformer. Take control of Hiryu, an elite soldier known as a Strider, and embark on a dangerous mission to assassinate Earth’s dystopian dictator, Grandmaster Meio. With ultra-fast combat, thrilling exploration, and online leaderboards, experience the original Strider story and homages to the classic games in an all-new adventure.


Achievements cheat for Strider on Xbox 360

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Master of Unlocking - 5 gamerpoints - Charged the first Novo.
You've Got The Power - 10 gamerpoints - Collected all Energy Upgrades.
Remember The Fallen - 15 gamerpoints - Collected all Fallen Striders.
Health Nut - 10 gamerpoints - Collected all Health Upgrades.
Cuts Like a Knife - 10 gamerpoints - Collected all Kunai Upgrades.
Collector of Collecting - 20 gamerpoints - Collected all Large Canisters.
Didn't Miss a Beat - 15 gamerpoints - Completed the Balrog without falling.
Speed Demon - 40 gamerpoints - Completed the game in under 4 hours.
Special Class-A - 30 gamerpoints - Completed game on Hard difficulty.
Class-A Ninja - 20 gamerpoints - Completed game on Normal difficulty.
Eye of the Tiger - 10 gamerpoints - Defeated 20 enemies using Panther.
Untouchable - 15 gamerpoints - Defeated 20 consecutive enemies, without being hit.
I Got You! - 10 gamerpoints - Defeated Solo.
Death of the Iron Ruler - 10 gamerpoints - Defeated General Mikiel.
Equal in the Face of Death - 15 gamerpoints - Defeated Grandmaster Meio.
Don't Drink the Water - 10 gamerpoints - Defeated Juroung.
Shock the Monkey - 10 gamerpoints - Defeated Mechapon.
Red Dragon Awaits - 10 gamerpoints - Defeated the Armored Dragon.
You Must Defeat Sheng Long - 10 gamerpoints - Defeated Xi Wang Mu.
That's No Moon - 5 gamerpoints - Destroyed Gravitron.
All Fall Down - 5 gamerpoints - Destroyed Gravitron 2.
I'm Rubber, You're Glue - 15 gamerpoints - Defeated 10 enemies using Reflect.
Meet Cypher's Edge - 25 gamerpoints - Maxed out the Hit Meter 25 times.

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