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Rage Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Rage
  • Game Description: Your ultimate goal in this game: Survive as the last remaining human on a mutant-run world. You must get and upgrade your vehicle, weapons and strategies in order to defeat the mutants who are out to get you amidst a hostile, apocalyptic environment. You must pit your mental and physical strength against the enemies who want nothing but your death and the complete annihilation of mankind.

Flower Glitch 2 cheat for Rage on Xbox 360

After clearing out the Jackal Canyon, as you leave cross the bridge and get in your car (or you can walk but it takes longer). Follow the road and as the road Y's go to the right of the Y (the map will tell you to go left and head back to subway town).

As you come down the road you will hit a door, turn your car around and to your left under the the rocks there is a comet bloom, and right next to that one is another one.

Go back into the canyon and come and and repeat all this. Once you have enough (I stopped at 30) go back to the shop and sell all of the flowers for 65 a piece.

Don't exit the shop, buy back all the flowers you just sold for 43 a piece ($22 profit per flower) and do this as many times as needed.

Game Name: Rage

Cheat Name: Flower Glitch 2

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