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Rage Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Rage
  • Game Description: Your ultimate goal in this game: Survive as the last remaining human on a mutant-run world. You must get and upgrade your vehicle, weapons and strategies in order to defeat the mutants who are out to get you amidst a hostile, apocalyptic environment. You must pit your mental and physical strength against the enemies who want nothing but your death and the complete annihilation of mankind.

Easy Money cheat for Rage on Xbox 360

When playing the mutant game with the sheriff in the middle, every time you play wager the max 25.

When you win the 4x and win 100, leave the game and save.

After saving go back to the game and try again.

You will lose sometimes but as long as you don't save after losing you can reload your game with the starting dollar amount you had to begin with.

Simply put, save when you win and load when you lose! It works and I made 3000 in 10 minutes.

Game Name: Rage

Cheat Name: Easy Money

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