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Overlord Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Overlord
  • Game Description: Overlord is a third-person action-adventure game developed by Triumph Studios and published by Code masters for the Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and Play station 3. With the backdrop of a perverted world, a mysterious figure one to inherit the legacy of evil, long-dead Overlord, a ferocious battle is raging with groundbreaking action adventure. The game offers several multiplayer modes. You as a player rise from the ruins of the old Overlord's Dark Tower to compete against others to be the next Overlord. This game play involves a lot of black humor and dark irony. Get ready for many unknown perils and dangerous moves for the quest to earn the glory of being the next Overlord.

Smelting Exploit cheat for Overlord on Xbox 360

When you go to your smelter, go to upgrade and choose something to upgrade. Then put as many minions as you want, then make them forge.
The second you choose forge, press start and go to quit. You will upgrade your item and lose no minions.

Game Name: Overlord

Cheat Name: Smelting Exploit

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