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Overlord Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Overlord
Game Description: Overlord is a third-person action-adventure game developed by Triumph Studios and published by Code masters for the Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows and Play station 3. With the backdrop of a perverted world, a mysterious figure one to inherit the legacy of evil, long-dead Overlord, a ferocious battle is raging with groundbreaking action adventure. The game offers several multiplayer modes. You as a player rise from the ruins of the old Overlord's Dark Tower to compete against others to be the next Overlord. This game play involves a lot of black humor and dark irony. Get ready for many unknown perils and dangerous moves for the quest to earn the glory of being the next Overlord.


Achievements cheat for Overlord on Xbox 360

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10 Wins in Pillage - 30 points - Win 10 ranked Pillage matches.
10 Wins in Slaughter - 30 points - Win 10 ranked Slaughter matches.
50 Wins in Pillage - 40 points - Win 50 ranked Pillage matches.
50 Wins in Slaughter - 40 points - Win 50 ranked Slaughter matches.
Amass Minions - 10 points - Harvest lots of Lifeforce.
Arcanium Smelter - 20 points - Retrieve the most Powerful Smelter.
Blue Minions - 10 points - Retrieve the Blue Hive.
Compete in Pillage - 10 points - Complete a ranked Pillage match.
Compete in Slaughter - 10 points - Complete a ranked Slaughter match.
Defeat Goldo - 20 points - End a Hero's obsession.
Defeat Jewel - 20 points - Steal a Hero.
Defeat Kahn - 20 points - Get angry with a Hero.
Defeat Melvin - 20 points - Puncture a Hero.
Defeat Oberon - 20 points - Put a Hero to sleep. Permanently.
Defeat Sir William - 20 points - Cure a Hero of life.
Defeat the Wizard - 50 points - Defeat the 7th Hero.
Dungeon Dabbler - 20 points - Defeat half the Dungeon Creatures.
Dungeon Overlord - 30 points - Defeat all the Dungeon Creatures.
Durium Smelter - 15 points - Retrieve a powerful Smelter.
Full Arcanium - 20 points - Forge a full Arcanium set.
Full Corruption - 50 points - Win with the blackest heart.
Full Durium - 10 points - Forge a full Durium set.
Green Minions - 10 points - Retrieve the Green Hive.
Minion Harvester - 10 points - Harvest Lifeforce.
Minion Hoarder - 15 points - Harvest a huge amount of Lifeforce.
Minion Multitude - 40 points - Harvest a massive amount of Lifeforce.
Mistress Master - 40 points - Fulfill your Mistress's wishes.
Obtain a Mistress - 20 points - Get yourself a little company and some help spending your money.
Power up the Tower - 10 points - Retrieve the Tower Heart to power up the Tower.
Rebuild the Tower - 10 points - Retrieve a Crane to start rebuilding the Tower.
Red Minions - 10 points - Retrieve the Red Hive.
Retrieve the Food - 10 points - Retrieve the Food, but will you keep or return it?
Steel Smelter - 10 points - Retrieve a Smelter.
Superior Survivor - 20 points - Last for 15 minutes in Survival.
Survivor - 10 points - Last for 5 minutes in Survival.
Tower Master - 40 points - Collect all the Tower Objects.
Ultimate Arcanium - 40 points - Forge an Ultimately Imbued Arcanium Set.
Ultimate Durium - 20 points - Forge an Ultimately Imbued Durium Set.
Ultimate Horde - 40 points - Get a full Horde, fully equipped.
Ultimate Steel - 10 points - Forge an Ultimately Imbued Steel Set.
Ultimate Survivor - 30 points - Last for 30 minutes in Survival.
Win in Pillage - 20 points - Win a ranked Pillage match.
Win in Slaughter - 20 points - Win a ranked Slaughter match.
Zero Corruption - 50 points - Win with the clearest conscience.

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