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Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Mass Effect 2
  • Game Description: Its been two years since Commander Shepard defeated the Reapers and now a mysterious new enemy has shown itself in Mass Effect 2. In the outer reaches of space, something has been abducting entire human colonies, and no one knows what or how... yet. In Mass Effect 2 Shepard must work with Cerberus, which has a reputation as a ruthless organisation that is devoted to the continuation of the human race at any cost... Shepard assembles the most elite fighting force the galaxy has ever seen and puts them in the most powerful ship ever built - but is it enough to defeat this new unknown threat?

Lair of The Shadow Broker - Alternate Import cheat for Mass Effect 2 on Xbox 360

When you download the DLC for your console the "Lair of the Shadow Broker" you´ll notice some changes from the main story line as you progress. From the original choices in ME1, the new Shadow Broker will remember those actions you took when you complete sides quests.

At the end of the DLC you'll receive new gear and armor including the DLC bonus content. From there you can visit Liara T'Soni who takes on the role of Shadow Broker thus changing the entire gameplay for Mass Effect 3.

Without the DLC, players will leanr about the Shadow Broker's identity and play the mission While the players who have the DLC will experience a different experience as the ME3 story progresses.

Game Name: Mass Effect 2

Cheat Name: Lair of The Shadow Broker - Alternate Import

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