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Mass Effect 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Mass Effect 2
  • Game Description: Its been two years since Commander Shepard defeated the Reapers and now a mysterious new enemy has shown itself in Mass Effect 2. In the outer reaches of space, something has been abducting entire human colonies, and no one knows what or how... yet. In Mass Effect 2 Shepard must work with Cerberus, which has a reputation as a ruthless organisation that is devoted to the continuation of the human race at any cost... Shepard assembles the most elite fighting force the galaxy has ever seen and puts them in the most powerful ship ever built - but is it enough to defeat this new unknown threat?

Character Replacement: The Justicar cheat for Mass Effect 2 on Xbox 360

First, get your Paragon or Renegade status level as high as you can before accepting the Justicar's loyality mission.

Second, accept the mission and lure Morinth at the Afterlife VIP club. When you get to her apartment after convincing her to take you there, follow her conversation carefully.

During that time, your Renegade and/or Paragon status will unlock thenew options availble to you. If you do use them, you can have a hidden choice cutscene where the Justicar and her daughter Morinth are fighting.

During that time, you'll be offered Morinth's help OR the Justicar to continue your missions.

Chosing Morinth will give you an ending game bonus of the Biotic power - Dominate. Be warned, however, Morinth is deadly if sex is involved. Meaning, Instant game over.

Game Name: Mass Effect 2

Cheat Name: Character Replacement: The Justicar

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