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Mass Effect Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Mass Effect
  • Game Description: From the creators of commercially and critically acclaimed developer of Jade Empire and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic BioWare comes another thrilling game Mass Effect. Mass Effect delivers an immersive, story-driven experience coupled with awe-inspiring visuals, delivered exclusively on the Xbox 360. As one of the first human beings to step onto the galactic stage, you face a grave threat that may destroy all of civilization. Your job is complicated by the fact that no one believes that there is any threat at all. Travel across an expansive universe, exploring the uncharted corners of the galaxy, searching for pieces of the truth in order to discover how to defeat the coming destruction. With Xbox360 behind it, Mass Effect's visuals show excellent, facial animations and are among the best in gaming: Characters move their lips believably with the dialogue, further expressing themselves with subtle tilts of the head or with a slight raise of the eyebrows. Character models are also beautifully detailed.

Infinite Credits cheat for Mass Effect on Xbox 360

Here's a great way to score infinite Credits. Follow the steps below in order to do so...

1.) First, fulfill the side quest involving Dr. Michel (from the Med Clinic) and her blackmailer. After the quest is complete, you'll get a discount from all of the goods she sells.

2.) Start selling her all of your expensive equipment. Then, travel to the Wards Markets and talk to the merchant named Expat. You can buy all of your stuff back for cheaper than you sold it off.

3.) Head back to Dr. Michel and sell off your stuff again. Repeat this process as much as you want for as much profit as you desire.

Game Name: Mass Effect

Cheat Name: Infinite Credits

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