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Madden NFL 13 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Madden NFL 13
  • Game Description: EA Sports is promising to deliver a brand spanking new Madden experience with Madden NFL 13... or to put it in their words an "all-new from boot up to credits". EA have gone about and redone every single aspect of the game, right down to the last pixel, to make Madden 13 one of the most exciting and anticipating releases of the game franchise to date!

Reactivate Hidden Attributes cheat for Madden NFL 13 on Xbox 360

If you want to find and reactivate attributes that have been "hidden" by EA you can.

Go to the particular player you want to reactivate the attribute for and press A.

Then go to edit player (A again) and you should be at the Player Info screen.

Go down to "Position" and change the position of the player to one which will have the attribute you want (ie if you want to add "Spin" then change it to RB or QB).

Then press LB or RB until you get to "Rating".

Change the Rating of Spin to what you want.

Then go back to the Player Info screen and change the "Position" back to what it was originally.

Finally, press Start and choose "Keep player without saving". Then you need to save the game manually afterwards for the edits you made to stay.

Game Name: Madden NFL 13

Cheat Name: Reactivate Hidden Attributes

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