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Madden NFL 13 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Madden NFL 13
  • Game Description: EA Sports is promising to deliver a brand spanking new Madden experience with Madden NFL 13... or to put it in their words an "all-new from boot up to credits". EA have gone about and redone every single aspect of the game, right down to the last pixel, to make Madden 13 one of the most exciting and anticipating releases of the game franchise to date!

Almost Automatic Touchdowns cheat for Madden NFL 13 on Xbox 360

First go to practice, then pick the Ravens.

When your game loads, press pause and go to Coaching Options.

Hold RT and scroll up until you see PR. Then let go of RT and scroll down until you see R. RICE (Ray Rice) and press A.

Then scroll to the top and press A and then exit.

Then choose "Play Ravens: Punt Return". Following that choose "Play Other Team: Field Goal".

Then just run the ball to the left and quickly run back to the right.

You should score a TOUCHDOWN!

Game Name: Madden NFL 13

Cheat Name: Almost Automatic Touchdowns

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