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LEGO: The Hobbit Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: LEGO: The Hobbit
  • Game Description: Return to Middle-Earth in this action-adventure game that combines the best of the LEGO franchise of video games with The Hobbit. Enjoy the LEGO-based gameplay and creativity you love as you make your way through an adventure based directly on Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, which is itself based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s novel, The Hobbit.

That's Why We Need a Burglar Achievement cheat for LEGO: The Hobbit on Xbox 360

To get the “That’s Why We Need a Burglar” achievement, you must obtain the required number of studs to get the Master Burglar title in each level:
The Greatest Kingdom In Middle-Earth – 130,000 studs
An Unexpected Party – 70,000 studs
Azog The Defiler – 25,000 studs
Roast Mutton – 50,000 studs
The Troll Hoard – 65,000 studs
Over Hill And Under Hill – 80,000 studs
Goblin Town – 135,000 studs
Out Of The Frying Pan… – 40,000 studs
Queer Lodgings – 30,000 studs
Flies And Spiders – 85,000 studs
Barrels Out Of Bond – 80,000 studs
A Warm Welcome – 60,000 studs
Looking For Proof – 85,000 studs
The Necromancer – 30,000 studs
On The Doorstep – 80,000 studs
Inside Information – 100,000 studs

Game Name: LEGO: The Hobbit

Cheat Name: That's Why We Need a Burglar Achievement

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