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LEGO: The Hobbit Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: LEGO: The Hobbit
Game Description: Return to Middle-Earth in this action-adventure game that combines the best of the LEGO franchise of video games with The Hobbit. Enjoy the LEGO-based gameplay and creativity you love as you make your way through an adventure based directly on Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, which is itself based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s novel, The Hobbit.


Cheat Codes cheat for LEGO: The Hobbit on Xbox 360

game name:

LEGO: The Hobbit

cheat title:

Cheat Codes


From the pause menu, go to “Extras,” and enter the following codes to unlock the characters you want. You can’t save these characters, so you’ll have to re-enter the codes each new time you turn on the game.

Alfrid – FAVZTR
Azog – 84ZZSI
Bain – W5Z6AC
Baliman Butterbur – XTVM8C
Bard – UER3JG
Barrow Wight – 555R9C
Beorn – KEID2V
Braga – MXUXKO
Elros – H2CAID
Fimbul – THAVRM
Galadriel – 00TE7J
Gollum – 3CE37P
Grinnah – TPD7YW
Lindir – V4Y5HZ
Master of Laketown – 9NOK35
Narzug – 4FYKKB
Necromancer – NM3I2O
Percy – 74KN31
Rosie Cotton – TB4S6J
Sauron – OARA3D
Thror – SYKSXF
Tom Bombadil – 4Y95TJ
Townsfolk – 5OJEUC
Witchking – V8AHMJ
Yazneg – S6VV33

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