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Halo Wars Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Halo Wars
  • Game Description: Halo Wars is an upcoming strategy game based on the well known Halo series of video games, from Bungie. In the game's campaign mode you are able to command armies of the UNSC warship Spirit of Fire with both new and also familiar units, against the Covenant. In Halo Wars you are taken back into an earlier period of the Halo world and universe, which will enable you to experience events that led up to the first Halo title for the original Xbox.

Easy Warthog Rush cheat for Halo Wars on Xbox 360

If you want to Warthog rush, go Anders and when the match starts bulid a supply pad, then a recator, then just more supply pads.

Go and collect supply crates and buy, then upgrade your supply pads. Just save up, then buy at least 5 warthogs, then you upgrade to machine gunners and destroy a few bases.

Keep building supply pads and 1 recator, then upgrade them and when you have 10 warthogs upgrade to grenades. When to guass cannons.

What I do is get about 15 and attack their base, and while they keep them busy build Hawks.

Game Name: Halo Wars

Cheat Name: Easy Warthog Rush

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