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Guitar Hero: World Tour Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Guitar Hero: World Tour
  • Game Description: Guitar Hero: World Tour is a musical video game. Special guitar shaped controllers are used to play the rock music. Guitar Hero: World Tour was launched on October 26, 2008 for the Xbox 360 platform. Song performances are represented by special “Rock Meter.” There is separate performance meter for each player. A player whose performance is bad can still play the game even if performance meter goes to zero level. After successful completion of songs, ratings are shown according to the quality of generated song. It is a three to five star rating system. There are four difficulty levels for each song and instrument. In “World Tour” a new “Beginner” has been added. Full four- player bands can compete online with other bands in a “Battle of the Bands” mode. Come hit the stage and rise to the glory of being a true rock star.

Achievements cheat for Guitar Hero: World Tour on Xbox 360

50 Note Posse - 15 gamerpoints - All band members get a 50 note streak at the same time - 4 player band).
A Pair Beats A Pair - 5 gamerpoints - Complete an Xbox LIVE 2 v 2 Pro Face-Off match - win or lose).
Band on a Mission - 25 gamerpoints - Complete the majority of the gigs - Band or Solo).
Bling, Bling - 30 gamerpoints - Earn $1,000,000 in lifetime earnings.
Download Junkie - 5 gamerpoints - Download a few songs from GHTunes.
Easy There - 25 gamerpoints - Complete a Career on easy - Band or Solo).
Feeding the Beast - 5 gamerpoints - Upload a song to GHTunes.
First of Many - 10 gamerpoints - Complete a gig - Band or Solo).
Hall of Famer - 100 gamerpoints - Complete a Career on expert - Band or Solo).
Hardcore - 60 gamerpoints - Complete a Career on hard - Band or Solo).
Jack of All Trades - 150 gamerpoints - Complete all instrument careers - any difficulty - Band or Solo).
Learning the Ropes - 5 gamerpoints - Complete a tutorial.
Medium Musician - 30 gamerpoints - Complete a Career on medium - Band or Solo).
Mine is Bigger Than Yours - 5 gamerpoints - Complete an Xbox LIVE Band v Band match - win or lose).
One Man Band - 10 gamerpoints - Perform as every instrument at least once - Vocals, Lead, Bass & Drums).
One Time Solo Artist - 5 gamerpoints - Completed a song - Solo).
Pick and Axe - 5 gamerpoints - Perform as a Guitarist - Band or Solo).
Platinum Rockstars - 50 gamerpoints - 100% a song as a band, hard or expert only - 4 player band).
Should We Stick Together? - 10 gamerpoints - Complete a song in a band - 4 player band) .
Solid Gold Rockstars - 30 gamerpoints - 100% a song as a band - 4 player band).
Solo Artist - 25 gamerpoints - Complete a solo career - any difficulty).
Stix - 5 gamerpoints - Perform as a Drummer - Band or Solo).
Survival of the Fittest - 5 gamerpoints - Complete an Xbox LIVE Battle Mode match win or lose.
Top of the Charts - 30 gamerpoints - Complete a band career - any difficulty).
Yodeler - 5 gamerpoints - Perform as a Vocalist - Band or Solo).

Game Name: Guitar Hero: World Tour

Cheat Name: Achievements

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