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Guitar Hero II Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Guitar Hero II
  • Game Description: Guitar Hero II is a musical saga, which will take you on the roller-coaster life of being a rock star. It is about to hit Xbox 360 with over 70 different songs. Guitar Hero II is a revolutionary musical game with all-new X-Plorer Guitar Controller. You can choose to be anyone from a wide group of rockers and start to jam at various musical concert venues preloaded in the Guitar Hero II. The size and gathering of the concert grows with your career. It has a multiplayer mode to compete with others online.

Jordan on Expert cheat for Guitar Hero II on Xbox 360

First you must unlock the song Jordan by going to the store and buying it.
After you have unlocked this song go to practice, click the song Jordan on expert and play it on the slowest speed possible.
Then it will give you an option for which verse or chorus you want to play for the song, you must choose chorus 1 only.
Once the chorus is over you must pull out your control in the very end after plug your controller back in resume the game and uplug again.
Do this repeatedly until for sure you passed the song, after if you do it correctly the stanza bar will be coming at you, but there will be no notes at all.
When you see this exit out of practice mode, click on quick play, choose Jordan on expert and there you go - the only notes you play are the same notes you practiced in practice mode.

Game Name: Guitar Hero II

Cheat Name: Jordan on Expert

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