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Gears of War Judgment Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Gears of War Judgment
Game Description: Gears of War: Judgment goes back towards the event of the original Gears of War to the moments right after Emergence Day. That is, you go right back to the events that defined and make up the entire Gears of War universe as you know. Kilo Squad is being lead by Damon Baird and Augustus The Cole Train Cole and you help them defend Halvo Bay in what is being called the best Gears of War experience to date. With all new multiplayer modes and features, GOW Judgement is sure to be a hit.


Unlockable Multiplayer Characters cheat for Gears of War Judgment on Xbox 360

game name:

Gears of War Judgment

cheat title:

Unlockable Multiplayer Characters


Anya Stroud: Walmart pre-order bonus.
Alex Brand: Best Buy pre-order bonus.
Baird (Aftermath): Unlock any achievement.
Cole (Aftermath): Survive 10 waves in Survival mode.
Loomis: Successfully complete the main campaign.
Minh: Earn 10 stars in Campaign mode.
Onyx Guard (Male): Become a VIP Member (purchase the Season Pass).
Onyx Guard (Female): Become a VIP Member (purchase the Season Pass).
Paduk (Aftermath): Successfully complete the Aftermath campaign.
Tai: Earn 126 stars in Campaign mode.
Tai (Jungle): Brisk promotion exlusive.
Young Dom: Amazon pre-order bonus.
Young Marcus: GameStop pre-order bonus.

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