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Fracture Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Fracture
  • Game Description: In Fracture, the Xbox 360 game, you get to play the role of Jet Brody who takes over the genetically enhanced Pacificans as well as their obsessive leader General Nathan Sheridan. You will be fighting for the sake of the entire human race and you will have at your hand weapons that will change the very shape of the battlefield and redefine the battleground in every sense of the term. Use the powerful weapons at your disposal to change the terrain and destroy your opponents.

Easy Sheridan Boss Kill cheat for Fracture on Xbox 360

Just dodge his attacks and shoot him with the Black Widow (sticky bomb launcher) loads.

If you run out of ammo (you will) then switch to a machine gun and get ammo from the crates either side of the map.

You may have to use some skill but it's mostly just dodging his attacks.

Oh and if he makes stone spikes grow out of the ground destroy them quickly.

Game Name: Fracture

Cheat Name: Easy Sheridan Boss Kill

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