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Fight Night Round 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Fight Night Round 4
  • Game Description: Fight Night Round 3 was one of the most popular Xbox 360 games. EA SPORTS' Fight Night Round 4 is hotly anticipated by all those who loved Fight Night Round 3. The new game will be just as revolutionary as its predecessor. Now there are differentiated boxer styles and a brand new physics based gameplay engine, and the most impressive boxing roster ever. Includes the return of the almost mythical Iron Mike Tyson. EA SPORTS' Fight Night Round 4 gives a whole new meaning to video game boxing. Will you land that punch that gives you the KO, or will you end up flat on the canvas?

Easy Fight Champion cheat for Fight Night Round 4 on Xbox 360

1. Create a boxer with all characteristics 100, not including Head Move and the three last characteristics.

2. Start a new Legacy with this created boxer.

3. Set these settings: Difficulty Level: Pro, Round Time: 3 minutes.

4. Start a fight in this legacy.

5. Attack the opponent only by RS right turn. If the opponent knock you, stand in block.

6. On the first knockdown, your opponent will stand in 5 seconds. Repeat this strategy until you knockout your opponent!

7. This can be done in any fight, including Fight Now mode!

Game Name: Fight Night Round 4

Cheat Name: Easy Fight Champion

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