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Fight Night Round 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Fight Night Round 3
  • Game Description: How would it feel to hit or to be hit by Muhammad Ali or Oscar De La Hoya in a boxing ring? Now you can experience the environment of real boxing in this Xbox 360 game of Fight Night Round 3 by EA Sports. With Impact punches, you are never down and out - all it takes is a single punch. Or you can choose to punish rivals with a Haymaker or put them on the defensive by triggering a Flash KO moment or punch. You can be part of some of the greatest all time rivalries - be it Gatti vs. Ward, Barrera vs. Morales or Ali vs. Frazier. Set up a rivalry with pre match press conferences which can be full of hype and air - just like the real ones! Fight Night Round 3 will let you design your own fighter and personalize them by choosing from 700 different defensive, punching and movement styles in the ring.

Quick KO cheat for Fight Night Round 3 on Xbox 360

Throw a haymaker into the opponents face while he is blocking).

He will most likely throw one back to your face, lean back and then counter with a haymaker, repeat until he goes down.

If he starts to counter your counter then hit the left bumper (this switches your lead side).

Game Name: Fight Night Round 3

Cheat Name: Quick KO

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