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Fight Night Round 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Fight Night Round 3
  • Game Description: How would it feel to hit or to be hit by Muhammad Ali or Oscar De La Hoya in a boxing ring? Now you can experience the environment of real boxing in this Xbox 360 game of Fight Night Round 3 by EA Sports. With Impact punches, you are never down and out - all it takes is a single punch. Or you can choose to punish rivals with a Haymaker or put them on the defensive by triggering a Flash KO moment or punch. You can be part of some of the greatest all time rivalries - be it Gatti vs. Ward, Barrera vs. Morales or Ali vs. Frazier. Set up a rivalry with pre match press conferences which can be full of hype and air - just like the real ones! Fight Night Round 3 will let you design your own fighter and personalize them by choosing from 700 different defensive, punching and movement styles in the ring.

Force a Throw in the Towel cheat for Fight Night Round 3 on Xbox 360

Keep hitting your opponent until his health drains and everything is quiet.

Then make sure you knock him out right next to the ropes, so if he falls, he falls into the ropes.

He will be stuck against the ropes. When he is against the ropes jab the crap out of him, keep on jabbing him in his face and his manager will eventually throw in the towel.

Game Name: Fight Night Round 3

Cheat Name: Force a Throw in the Towel

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