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Far Cry 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Far Cry 2
  • Game Description: Developed by Ubisoft Far Cry 2, a next generation first person shooter game, puts you amongst the sprawling wilderness of Africa in the most hostile conditions. Here the mission is to eliminate “The Jackal” an arms dealer who rekindles conflict between two rival parties and brings the fictional African state on to the verge of a civil war and chaos. With stunning visuals backed by Xbox 360 console Far Cry 2 is a realistic open world shooter game with complete freedom to explore the beautiful African landscape where every decision taken can lead to a different outcome. In order to complete, the mission, work under-cover with both the factions in identifying the lead to its superior members and lastly to the “The Jackal” eliminating all threats by firepower, brute force, slyness or treason.

Fast Light Machine Gun Reloading cheat for Far Cry 2 on Xbox 360

When in the middle of reloading a light machine gun, when you put the new magazine in and as soon as the ammo number changes in the bottom left corner, change to your secondary weapon immediately by pressing right on the directional pad.

Then change back to the light machine gun by pressing left on the directional pad and you should have reloaded faster and have the same amount of ammo you had before you did this.

Game Name: Far Cry 2

Cheat Name: Fast Light Machine Gun Reloading

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