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Fable II Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Fable II
  • Game Description: Fable II is an action play game published by Microsoft Game Studios on Xbox 360. Fable II is the sequel to Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. It is the highly anticipated sequel, which is widely successful and has sold more than three million copies. The game is based on the core game play theme of Fable, it is an action role-playing game, which allows you to live the life you choose in the newly expanded world of Albion. This new series of this game provides substantial amount of freedom and choice to explore a vast collection of dungeons, catacombs and taverns in the world of Albion. The world in Fable II is dynamic and interactive.

The Temple of Shadows Weapon cheat for Fable II on Xbox 360

To get the legendary weapon.... you must complete the quest where you have to go with Hannah (A.K.A. Hammer) and help her fill up the tank or whatever you want to call it.
After you complete that quest and go to her father's funeral you will get a quest that says Temple Of Shadows (in order to get the legendary weapon you must do this quest before you get on the ship).

Push A down twice and it will send you there.

If you haven't discovered Rookridge yet, just click on Oakfield in your regions map and click Rookridge Road.

Follow the yellow trail until you reach Rookridge.

Once you're in Rookridge there's a trail on the right, follow that and you'll see a Cultist.

Talk to him and in order to be in the Temple of Shadows you have to eat the chicks.

He'll give you some chicks, once you have them you'll see the expression on the right of your expression screen. It looks like a chicken.

So you eat the chicks, then he says OK, go on in. The yellow trail will lead you inside.

After that you need to read the instructions right beside the wheel of misfortune and it will tell you how to get points.

If you want to get more points get monks and your spouse(s)to follow you and in front of the wheel of misfortune there's a big circle.

Have the people that followed you stay in that circle while you go to the lever and press A or hold it down.

Then you hold down LT and watch the wheel spin and whatever it stops on will happen to those people. They will be killed, so after that you'll get points, but if you take villagers you won't get that many points.

If you bring monks and your spouse(s), once you make your first sacrifice he will tell you that you need to get 2c000 sacrifice points (it's not that hard).

You may go over 2000 points and not get it because once you do go over 2,000 points he will tell you that you need to make a big sacrifice at the darkest hour or something like that (it's the exact opposite of the holy hour, it's Midnight to 1:00 a.m.).

Bring just one of your spouses to the temple of shadows in between the hours and make them stand in the circle and pull the wheel.

Once that's done go over to the cultist and he will give you your legendary weapon (it does 58.0 damage).

Game Name: Fable II

Cheat Name: The Temple of Shadows Weapon

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