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Fable 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Fable 3
  • Game Description: In Fable III, 50 years have passed since the events in Fable II, and in this latest critically acclaimed franchise exclusive to the Xbox 360, you'll start on a brand new, epic adventure: the race for the crown - but that's just the beginning. Whether you're a new fan, or a returning one, you'll discover an Albion that has become industrialized. But Albion's fate is in danger. You will have to fight alongside your people, where you'll attain the throne and go through all the realities of defending it. As you continue your journey, you'll make choices that change your environment, but whether your choices benefit you or your kingdom is up to you. Are you a true rebel, a tyrant, or are you the ruler that this kingdom has been waiting for.

Crimes with No Punishment cheat for Fable 3 on Xbox 360

This cheat will let you do crimes without getting caught, even in heavily guarded areas and make them give you money without losing good moral points or gaining evil moral points.

Press "start" and go to the sanctuary and go to the map (note this only works in brightwall and bowerstone market and only works in old bower stand just before the shops close).

Find a house that is owned by either a Barman, Pawnbroker or a Blacksmith.

Click to fast travel to their house. (the house must be in 99% condition or less).

Once you get there, (make sure the person is not hated or in fear of you) knock until someone answers, (Do Not Bust In, It Will Mess Up The Cheat) or go to their shop (also will work on jewelry shop at night if you find the person).

Take their hand, and go out of your current city (Brightwall Or Bowerstone Market, or Old Bowerstone).

Then, while out of the city you took this person from, kill either a hobbe or a wolf.

Then, interact with your dog (positively) then, go back into the town and let go of their hand.

Interact with them positively in some way, then exit the interaction menu, run away from the person then run back. Take their hand again, and then you can bust down their home door and steal stuff, by then they will have grown on you, since you travelled with them.

You can say sorry and they will forgive. If they live alone and do not forgive you, kill them with a gun (make sure it is a pistol). Because this person is a shopowner, this permits you to commit crimes in other shops.

If you are in Old Bowerstone, Just before the shops close, stand in one, then when they close, (Know where the owner lives and be ready to run) steal items (Unlocked by earning the theft pack in road to rule) and then run to their house (just bust in) and apologise.

They will decline, but you block the door. Then form a relationship with them, (positive) and then press and hold A and still holding A, apologize again.

You can later do this again or ask them for money.

Game Name: Fable 3

Cheat Name: Crimes with No Punishment

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