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Dragon’s Dogma Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dragon’s Dogma
  • Game Description: Dragon's Dogma is an epic open-world adventure during which you play as Arisen. Arisen is a hero in a land that has been haunted by an all-powerful dragon... You must fight to protect your land and your loved ones, and may even stumble upon a deeper and more intriguing mystery.

Steal Infinite Rare Items cheat for Dragon’s Dogma on Xbox 360

Make it to Master Thief ability and then walk the road that is North of Gran Soren until you make it just past a bridge.

You should see a pawn around this area. Use the Master Thief ability on it and you will be able to steal two items from them.

Sometimes you'll get pretty rare items like Veterans Peridot and others.

If you run away from the pawn far enough (out of sight is usually enough) then you will be able to them go back and steal some more stuff from them.

Do this as many times as you like!

Game Name: Dragon’s Dogma

Cheat Name: Steal Infinite Rare Items

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