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Dragon’s Dogma Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dragon’s Dogma
  • Game Description: Dragon's Dogma is an epic open-world adventure during which you play as Arisen. Arisen is a hero in a land that has been haunted by an all-powerful dragon... You must fight to protect your land and your loved ones, and may even stumble upon a deeper and more intriguing mystery.

Potent Healing Water (free) cheat for Dragon’s Dogma on Xbox 360

When you finally make it to Gran Soren you need to buy 100 empty flasks.

From there proceed North and look for what looks like a glowing rock pillar. There is a wellspring there and the water in it can heal.

Simply fill the flasks you bought with water from the spring and hand them out to everyone.

The water flasks will then refill more health than any other remedy or herb in the game!

Game Name: Dragon’s Dogma

Cheat Name: Potent Healing Water (free)

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