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Dead or Alive 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dead or Alive 4
  • Game Description: Dead or Alive 4 takes advantage of all that Xbox 360 has to offer resulting in the most rewarding digital fighting game on any video gaming console. Be it offline or online fighting, Dead or Alive 4 has set the standards for other games to achieve. Dead or Live 4 has one of the most realistic interface and graphics. This is primarily due to the game utilizing the advanced technology of Xbox 360 hardware. The most thrilling features of Dead or Alive 4 are its online capabilities using Xbox Live, its incredible new interactive stages and an all-star lineup of present and past heroes. A complex DOA countering system is the icing on the cake to create a must have video game for Xbox 360.

Number of Costumes for Each Character cheat for Dead or Alive 4 on Xbox 360

Bayman 3 Costumes
Brad Wong C3
Ein 4 Costumes
Gen Fu 4 Costumes
Leon 4 Costumes
Christie 4 Costumes
Eliot 4 Costumes
Hayabusa 4 Costumes
Hayate 4 Costumes
Bass 4 Costumes
Jann Lee 4 Costumes
Zack 4 Costumes
Helena 5 Costumes
La Mariposa 5 Costumes
Tina 5 Costumes
Ayane 6 Costumes
Leifang 7 Costumes
Kasumi 7 Costumes
Kokoro 7 Costumes
Nicole (Spartan 458) 7 Costumes
Hitomi 8 Costumes

Game Name: Dead or Alive 4

Cheat Name: Number of Costumes for Each Character

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