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Dead Space 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dead Space 2
  • Game Description: In the spine-tingling adventure sequel to the critical and popular hit Dead Space, engineer Isaac Clarke returns from a coma in massive space city The Sprawl. He’s the lone survivor of an alien infection, and wakes up only to find himself confronting a new nightmare of catastrophic proportions. Not only must he fight dementia, he’s being hunted by the government, and is haunted by visions of his late girlfriend. Isaac Clarke will do whatever he has to do to save himself and come out on top in the battle. You’ll have an arsenal of tools you can use to dismember Necromorphs and help Isaac bring terror to outer space.

Max Power Nodes and Cash cheat for Dead Space 2 on Xbox 360

When you get to Chapter 11 which is almost at the end, there will be a room where you have to open by using a power node, so be sure to save some for later use in the game.

Open the room and take the power node and ruby chip then continue on to the next few rooms and there will be a room with a save point, store, and bench.

For the cheat to work all you have to do is save and then restart from the checkpoint.

When you restart, everything in the power node room will re-spawn.

Go get the items and just keep redoing the process. If all the items don't re-spawn then just restart until it does.

Game Name: Dead Space 2

Cheat Name: Max Power Nodes and Cash

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