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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
  • Game Description: Chuck Greene, former motocross champion, is now playing as the main protagonist in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. This character will link the original game with the new setting: place - Fortune City.

Juice Combinations cheat for Dead Rising 2: Case Zero on Xbox 360

Mix the ingredients listed below and you will create a juice drink that gives you the corresponding effect. Note that all the drinks also give you full health!

Energizer (Chuck cannot be injured. This effect lasts for ten seconds.): Chili + Chili
Energizer: Taco + Hamburger
Nectar (Attracts any nearby Queens to Chuck, and spawns one Queen nearby. This effect lasts for six minutes.): Orange Juice + Orange Juice
Nectar: Jelly Beans + Beer
Nectar: Onion Rings + Orange Juice
Pain Killer (Chuck takes only half physical damage. This effect lasts for one minute.): Beer + Beer
Pain Killer: Vodka + Vodka
Quick Step (Increases Chuck's movement speed drastically. This effect lasts for one minute.): Milk + Jelly Beans
Quick Step: Wine + Beer
Quick Step: Bacon + Pie
Randomizer (Gives Chuck stomach pains that makes him puke. He throws up three times. This effect lasts for three minutes.): Beer + Cooking Oil
Randomizer: Wine + Vodka
Repulse (Zombies cannot and will not try to attack you. It overrides Zombait while in effect. This effect lasts for one minute.): Bacon + Chili
Repulse: Chili + Large Soda
Repulse: Chili + Ketchup
Repulse: Chili + Onion Rings
Repulse: Chili + Pie
Spitfire (Changes Chuck's harmless ability to spit at zombies into a short range flame burst. This effect lasts for one minute.): Bacon + Onion Rings
Spitfire: Ketchup + Ketchup
Spitfire: Bacon + Orange Juice
Spitfire: Chili + Orange Juice
Untouchable (Chuck cannot be grabbed by Zombies but can still suffer damage from their attacks. This effect lasts for one minute.): Bacon + Bacon
Untouchable: Pizza + Large Soda
Untouchable: Bacon + Milk
Untouchable: Chili + Milk
Untouchable: Onion Rings + Milk
Untouchable: Onion Rings + Pie
Untouchable: Pie + Orange Juice
Untouchable: Orange Juice + Milk
Zombait (Zombies are more attracted to Chuck, which can aid in distracting zombies from survivors. This effect lasts for one minute.): Jelly Beans + Chili
Zombait: Apple + Taco
Zombait: Pie + Milk

Game Name: Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Cheat Name: Juice Combinations

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