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Dead Island Riptide Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dead Island Riptide
  • Game Description: Dead Island Riptide you are on Palanai island on the Banoi archipelago. Sounds good? The only problem is that it's infested with zombies and anyone left who hasn't turned yet is struggling to survive! What will you do to save yourself and others!?

Unlimited Money Glitch cheat for Dead Island Riptide on Xbox 360

In the jungle you'll find a cave that is divided into two sections - on one side there's a butcher and on the other is a dead floater.

You'll notice that if you go up to that floater you would expect money from it, but there's not any!

But when you go into that dark corner of the cave and then go back to the floater there's around 2,000 dollars.

Repeat this process and you'll be loaded with money.

Game Name: Dead Island Riptide

Cheat Name: Unlimited Money Glitch

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