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Darksiders Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Darksiders
  • Game Description: The first Horseman of the Apocalypse ("War") was tricked by evil forces into bringing about the end of the world and now stand accused of breaking the sacred law by creating a world war between Heaven and Hell. During the war, the demonic forces of Hell defeated the forces from Heaven and laid claim to planet Earth. War was then bought before the sacred Charred Council and stripped of all his powers as punishment for his crime. However, War has also been given the opportunity to return to planet Earth, search for the truth about what happened, and punish those responsible for the great war.

Lifestone Shards & Cores cheat for Darksiders on Xbox 360

There are plenty of Lifestone shards and cores to be found in the game. Below is a list of all of them and the levels they can be found on.

Vulgrim (soldier artifact reward): 1 shard and 0 cores
Vulgrim (champion artifact reward): 1 shard and 0 cores
Serpent Holes: 1 shard and 0 cores
Crossroads: 1 shard and 0 cores
Scalding Gallow: No shards or cores
Choking Grounds: 2 shards and 0 cores
Broken Stair: 2 shards and 0 cores
Twilight Cathedral: 1 shard and 1 core
Drowned Pass: 2 shards and 0 cores
Anvil's Ford: No shards or cores.
The Hollows:1 shard 1 core
Dry Road: 1 shard and 0 cores
The Ashlands: 2 shards and 1 core
Iron Canopy: No shards but 1 core
The Black Throne: 1 shard and 1 core
Eden: No shards or cores

This will give you a total of 16 shards (equal to 4 cores) and 5 cores.

Game Name: Darksiders

Cheat Name: Lifestone Shards & Cores

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