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Darkest Of Days Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Darkest Of Days
  • Game Description: What would it be like if time travel were real? What if you (or some evil entity) could go back in time and rewrite history? Is that ever an ethical thing to do? In Darkest of Days, a new game where time travel is part of the action, you'll relive some of the most epic battles in recorded history. As infantryman Alexander Morris, you'll be a part of the U.S. Civil War Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest battle in the bloodiest war in U.S. history. You'll be swooped up from General Custer's regiment right before the Battle of Little Bighorn where you'll learn that not only is time travel possible, there are evil unknown entities travelling back in time to rewrite history. Besides these battles, you'll also experience some of the worst battles of both World War I and II. It's your job to save certain key people who were never intended to be involved in these events, thus changing human history for all time. You must fight the entities attempting to rewrite time for their own ends, and in Darkest of Days, you'll fight your way through thousands of years of history to do so.

Achievements cheat for Darkest Of Days on Xbox 360

Bomb Technician - 25 gamerpoints - Kill yourself with an explosive device.
Complete Civil War - 25 gamerpoints - Complete all levels in the Civil War campaign.
Complete Darkest of Days - 100 gamerpoints - Complete all levels in the game on normal difficulty or higher.
Complete WW1 - 25 gamerpoints - Complete all levels in the WW1 campaign.
Complete WW2 - 25 gamerpoints - Complete all levels in the WW2 campaign.
Ghandi Award - 100 gamerpoints - Complete a combat level without using any lethal attacks.
Horse Puncher - 100 gamerpoints - Punch a horse in the face, killing it.
Pistol Upgrade - 100 gamerpoints - Fully upgrade all pistol settings.
Rage Fists - 100 gamerpoints - Kill at least 25 NPCs with your bare hands.
Rifle Upgrade - 100 gamerpoints - Fully upgrade all rifle settings.
Secret Mission - 75 gamerpoints - Locate and complete the secret mission at the end of the game.
Tethered Swimming - 25 gamerpoints - Die of suffocation underwater.
With Chest Hair - 200 gamerpoints - Complete all the levels in the game on the highest difficulty.

Game Name: Darkest Of Days

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