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Dark Void Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dark Void
  • Game Description: Dark Void is an all new game from Capcom. It is a sci-fi action adventure title that has both aerial and on-foot combat aspects and is set in a universe simply called "The Void". In Dark Void, players take the role of Will, who is a cargo flight pilot dropped into crazy circumstances when he crashes in the Bermuda Triangle... which leads him to The Void. Within the Void a battle is brewing between the "Survivors" and some aliens who have grave plans for planet earth.

Liberator Level 4 cheat for Dark Void on Xbox 360

If you have completed the game 4 times and upgraded all your weapons to level three, you can unlock Liberator level 4.

How: Go back to mission crash site. When you there, keep on the mission until you got a dead survivor and have been tasked to get his weapon.

Just simply pick up the weapon and it will be Liberator level 4.

This weapon has got a purple color, bullet explode like the human grenade (same grenade radius and same damage), increased clip size (120 in one clip), and the total ammo of the weapon is 1,200. It also has accuracy like a sniper rifle (without a scope).

Game Name: Dark Void

Cheat Name: Liberator Level 4

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