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Dark Souls Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dark Souls
  • Game Description: Dark Souls, which is the spiritual successor to action RPG (Role-Playing Game) Dark Souls, is a nonstop, action filled dungeon crawler. With a unique design, Dark Souls offers a new look into dungeon crawlers that not only encourages exploration, but also exploration of the game itself. The gameplay builds on the systems used in Demons Souls that proved to be very successful, and only improve on them. The rewards system for taking on tougher enemies and discovering new areas in the game makes it exciting, and only encourages players to move forward in the game.

Infinite Souls cheat for Dark Souls on Xbox 360

First off you will need the dragon head item which you get from the Everlasting Dragon in the Ash Lake area.

Equip the dragon head item first then any of the soul items such as "soul of the nameless warrior" etc... right next to the dragon head, which ever you want.

Then look away from the screen. you should now have your back facing the screen. Now pay attention... you will need to do this quickly.

Press and hold X to use the dragon item, then press down on the d-pad to switch to the soul item, then press down with the left analog, then quickly press and hold X again to use the soul item.

Again, you have to do this quickly. Don't let go until you have the desired amount of souls because it will use all the soul item's quantity.

If the head starts blowing fire then you messed up. You should also be facing the screen at the end of the sequence if this is done correctly.

You will look like you're blowing fire but instead the souls are continually increasing.

Game Name: Dark Souls

Cheat Name: Infinite Souls

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