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Dark Souls Xbox 360 Cheats


Gravelord's Sword cheat for Dark Souls on Xbox 360

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Dark Souls

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Gravelord's Sword


From the Firelink Shrine, head towards the graveyard into the catacombs underneath. You can get this weapon anytime, it just depends how strong you are because the monsters in this area are very strong.

Go into the catacombs and while in the area, get all the mechanisms which activate the bridges. There are three bridges and four mechanisms in this area.

Head all the way down into the catacombs. The sword is in the area where you fight a Titranite demon. This room will be a tight area and it is full of coffins.

You don't have to fight the Titranite Demon if you don't want to. Look for the coffin which is sticking out the most and has an open lid. Go to the top of this coffin and it will prompt you to get in or not. Get in and just wait. Nothing will bother you while you're in it.

A cutscene will take place and when you wake, you will be in the room of "Gravelord Nito". Join his covenant and he will give you his Gravelord Sword which is even stronger than the Drake Sword. It's attack is 255 and the Drake Sword is 200. It is also heavy so you will have to be strong to wield it.

I beat the game with this sword, I did reinforce it to make it stronger.

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