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Crackdown 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Crackdown 2
  • Game Description: Crackdown 2 is the sequel to the original award-winning vertical world adventure. In this epic open-ended action gaming experience (that you can only get for the Xbox 360), you control a huge city that's at your disposal for exploring while you also get to be judge, jury, and executioner! You've never experienced multiplayer gaming like this. It's the best in co-operative and competitive multiplayer experience. Crackdown 2 gives you and your friends the freedom to play it your own way, as you bring justice and peace back to Pacific City.

Helicopter cheat for Crackdown 2 on Xbox 360

Go to the Agency and there you will find a long buliding that doubles as a helicopter pad.

Climb up by jumping on other bulidings, then you can get in one of the helicopters.

There are two kinds of copters - a rocket one and a machine gun one.

Game Name: Crackdown 2

Cheat Name: Helicopter

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