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Cars Race-O-Rama Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Cars Race-O-Rama
  • Game Description: In this awesome racing game, you better get ready: you're going to race against new characters in amazing race tracks to win the coveted Race-O-Rama trophy as your own version of Lightning McQueen. You'll pair up with Lightning McQueen in the town of Radiator Springs as he trains his academy full of student racers for the Race-O-Rama event. Lightning McQueen finds out, however, that foe Chick Hicks has his own student racing academy, and that they sometimes cheat to get ahead. Those student racers are going to be racing in the same competitions as you and your classmates in order to make Chick Hicks academy the #1 academy! Your races are set up at various tracks: cities, beaches, or even the Baja desert. During the game, racers upgrade their abilities and can customize their look. The final event pits a super modified racer driven by Lightning McQueen against a super modified ride driven by Chick Hicks for the coveted Race-O-Rama trophy. Start your engines!

Achievements cheat for Cars Race-O-Rama on Xbox 360

A Real Go Getter! - 25 gamerpoints - Win every Transporter event.
Autovia Avenger! - 100 gamerpoints - Beat El Machismo.
Big City! - 100 gamerpoints - Beat Stinger.
Big Ham! - 25 gamerpoints - Complete every Photo Op.
Crowned Karter! - 25 gamerpoints - Win every Guido Kart event.
Daring Devil! - 50 gamerpoints - Score 5500 points in the Mater the Greater event.
Drift Master! - 25 gamerpoints - Score 4500 points with a single drift.
Luigi's BFF! - 25 gamerpoints - Win every Tire Find event.
Mack Track Medalist! - 25 gamerpoints - Score 4000 points in the Mack Track Challenge event.
Mini Master! - 25 gamerpoints - Win every Mini Game event.
Mooo-ving Along! - 25 gamerpoints - Win every Tractor Stampede event.
Ole'! - 50 gamerpoints - Score 25000 points in the Materdor event.
OVER ACHIEVER! - 100 gamerpoints - Earn every achievement.
Perfectionist! - 25 gamerpoints - Win every Autocross event.
PLUGGIN' AWAY! - 25 gamerpoints - All Sparkplugs collected from all races.
Podium Perfection! - 25 gamerpoints - Win every circuit race event.
Santa Carburera Champ! - 100 gamerpoints - Beat Candice.
Sprinter! - 25 gamerpoints - Win every Point to Point Race event.
TEAM PLAYER! - 25 gamerpoints - Win every Academy Challenge.
The Champ! - 100 gamerpoints - Beat Chick Hicks for the Title.
The Law! - 25 gamerpoints - Win every Sheriff's Pursuit event.
Tokyo Triumph! - 50 gamerpoints - Score 25000 points in the Tokyo Mater event.

Game Name: Cars Race-O-Rama

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