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Call of Duty: Ghosts Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Game Description: The CoD series is back in 2013 with Call of Duty: Ghosts, developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. 'Ghosts' looks like it could potentially be the "darkest" title in the series to date. Watch out for it on 5 November 2013!

Prison Break Spots - PRO cheat for Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox 360

This is map knowledge, rather than cheats. But these are the pro spots.

Start at southern tower/building.

Just east of it is a truck that you can climb to access the scaffold on the side of the tower. Should be known.

Next to that is the gate house. Climb the yellow gate support, climb on the gate house. Turn right, walk down blue fence past tree for a good spot on the fence.

There is a truck by the fence. Climb the rebar pile in front of it to climb onto it. Should be known.

Head back south past the tower. Turn left, see the tree with the spider web? That's our practice tree. While it isn't great, it will help you with the other tree spots that I will post.

Practice tree: slightly east of the tree, get on the rock with the flowers. Make your way back to the tree on the front edge of that rock. Jump between the tree halves so that you are standing in the spider web. Face south, so the web is on your right. Run/jump up the half in front of you (this takes practice, hence 'practice tree'). Walk up either branch once up top.

Drop down, head east, then north up the road (along eastern cliff), take the path up the hill. Immediately on your left while walking up, you can jump to a tree below you (fairly known, obvious). Continue up the hill to the rock, stay on left/east side.

Pro trees 1: From the hilltop, face east (over road, towards cliff). Run/jump so that you go over the road and land between the halves of another split tree (like the practice tree). Face north, run/jump (not easy) up that side. Take east branch to end (out over cliff). Snipe from there.

Pro trees 2: in the south east is a troop transport vehicle like the one by the blue fence. Just south of the pro trees 1.

Behind the truck, you will see the square white stones that line the eastern road. The second from the right has golden flowers.

Get on that white stone. Face the tree, jump. You should now be on an invisible ledge, facing between the 2 halves of the tree. Carefully move right as far as you can (only inches, still against the tree). Turn 90° right, look down, so that you are aimed at the ground, next to the tree, in the sun, with the shadow next to where you are aimed. You should see the white rock and flower below and if you hit LT (ads), your gun should block the view of flowers. (Sorry for the detail, but i want you to get this right as it is hard until you get it, then this is fairly easy).

Okay, you are on the invisible barrier, tree to your left.

You want to back up a few inches (but don't fall off). Then run/jump so that you hit the barrier that you were just against at the same moment that you reach the apex of your jump, then push left. You should slide between the 2 halves of the tree. (this is easy once you get it down, just trust me on that). Feel free to practice that a few times.

Next, from between the halves, face north and run/jump up that side just like practice tree and pro trees 1. Only now there is a barrier on your right, so push right as you jump to avoid falling left out of the tree and having to start over.

So you made it up top, pat yourself on the back. It does get easy with practice.

Now, you have options: 1. Go out right branch over cliff. Not great.

2. Go slightly up left branch, jump right to right side of nearby tree. Bad idea; hard and deadly if missed.

3. Go slightly up left branch, turn left, drop on branch below you, walk over road to branch end. This is a decent spot.

From there, jump to the back of the troop transport vehicle. Camp there.

From the truck, run/jump to the split tree in front of the truck. It isn't very good. I have had no luck getting up the south side of this split tree; a barrier always drops me to the ground.

Okay done with trees. Go to the north end where the water falls off of the map. To your left are some blue barrels. Go there to the edge. You can squat and walk pretty far down the edge so that you are sitting on the air, your gun just above ground level, hidden behind a branch.

Ambiance: NW by lumber trucks is a large tree with a monkey holding a circular saw up on the branches.

Near blue fence in grassy area: ball and chain from escapee.

Have fun.

Game Name: Call of Duty: Ghosts

Cheat Name: Prison Break Spots - PRO

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