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Burnout Paradise Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Burnout Paradise
  • Game Description: Burnout Paradise gives an open world to the drivers who love to live on the edge. Burnout Paradise is set in the backdrop of the fictional Paradise city, where drivers are allowed to take their dangerous driving to higher and intense levels. Available on Xbox 360, the cars are designed by the developer EA, and now have their manufacturer and model names and are rated in the junkyard based on speed, boost and strength. Get ready to break the rules in various race types such as road rage, marked man, stunt run to midnight rides at various locations in the paradise city. Now have the most comprehensive driving experience with Burnout Paradise.

Easy Double Barrel Roll cheat for Burnout Paradise on Xbox 360

If you use the Ikusa FT and go off the bigger jump on South Mountain Drive then you will perform a double barrel roll.

Game Name: Burnout Paradise

Cheat Name: Easy Double Barrel Roll

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