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Bullet Witch Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Bullet Witch
  • Game Description: Bullet Witch is a story based in 2013, when a war between humans and an army of demons starts. It is a fascinating story of a beautiful witch named Alicia. It is one of the most advanced games involving magical powers, to hit the Xbox 360 till date. Bullet Witch is an action adventure game intermixed with intense gunfights and incredibly destructive magic.

Secret Achievements cheat for Bullet Witch on Xbox 360

All Stages Cleared - 140 gamerpoints - Beat all stages on all modes
Chaos Difficulty Mode Cleared - 250 gamerpoints - Beat all stages in Chaos mode
Full Power-Up Completed - 150 gamerpoints - Collect all in-game power-up elements
Hell Difficulty Mode Cleared - 1 gamerpoints - Beat all stages in Hell mode
Total Play Time of 15 Hours - 99 gamerpoints - Game was played for over 15 hours

Game Name: Bullet Witch

Cheat Name: Secret Achievements

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