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Brink Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Brink
Game Description: Brink is a first person shooter that also combines single player, co-op and multiplayer aspects into one experience. This means you get to develop your game character whether you are playing alone, with mates, or across Xbox Live. As Brink in the game, you will fight on battlegrounds to try and save the world's last refuge from destruction.


Unlockable Weapons cheat for Brink on Xbox 360

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Unlockable Weapons


Complete the following challenges in challenge mode to unlock their respective weapons.

Be More Objective 1:
Lobster Grenade Launcher, Ritchie Revolver, Duct-Taped Magazines

Be More Objective 2 - Bulpdaun Submachine Gun, Speed Slings, Speed holsters

Be More Objective 3 - Get your score on Leaderboard.

Escort Duty 1 - High Powered Scopes, Red Dot Sights, Muzzle Brakes

Escort Duty 2 - EZ-Nade Auto Grenade Launcher, Drum Magazines

Escort Duty 3 - Score on Leaderboard

Parkour This 1 - Barnett Light Rifle, Front Grips, Rapid Fire

Parkour This 2 - Belgo Machine Pistol, Silencers

Parkour This 3 - Score on Leaderboard

Tower Defense 1 - FRKN-3K Assault Rifle, Underslung Grenade Launcher, Adjusted Iron Sights

Tower Defense 2 - Gotlung Minigun, High-Capacity Magazines

Tower Defense 3 - Score on Leaderboard

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